Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Canal

Here you see the Power Canal from the small foot bridge that the Cutlery workers would have crossed everyday on their way to work. A good many of the factory workers lived in a series of buildings known as Cutlery Row that still stands today. They could literally walk to work everyday.

The building in the foreground that is being dismantled next to the silo looking thing was a steam generating plant built in the 1960's to provide power to the paper mills. It actually is sitting right on the site of the old Russell Cutlery. If the Cutlery building were still standing today it would have stretched from the Keith Paper Mill buildings behind the 1960's Steam Plant and continued on past the right hand view of the camera. It was a big brick monster with beautiful architectural details just like all the rest of the buildings in this town. Turners Falls is blessed with some really fine examples of 19th century brickwork.

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