Saturday, July 7, 2007

My Mind is a Blank...

Near the forge area which was in the very first part of the building there was a tremendous amount of product being generated. The smiths would forge the bars out into long rectangles with one side at full thickness and then it would taper down on the other side. This way when they stamped out the blade shapes some of the forging would already be done. After stamping out the blades they would sometimes simple toss the remaining piece of steel out the window and into the river. There is literally probably tons of this stuff if you could dig it all out mixed in with tons of brick and stone. All of it rusting away to nothing.

I had to go back later today and collect a few of the bits and pieces for pictures. Hopefully some of the knife experts will be able to view this and get some idea of what patterns we are looking at. There is quite a variety here ranging from what look like skinning knives and butcher knives to files, broad knives for plaster work, dinner knives and stick tang knives, and lots of multiple stamped pieces which were from the pocket knives.

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