Saturday, July 7, 2007

Butcher Knife and Dinner Knife Blanks

The dinner cutlery is obvious but the bigger knives could be either butchering knives or large carving knives. Hard to say but they are quite good sized. Some of these blanks are 10-12 inches long. Notice how the shape of the blade is curved upwards. This is a natural shape that would evolve from forging the straight steel bar. As the one side gets thinner the material keeps getting pushed upwards until the whole bar ends up with a curve in it. If you have ever done any forging you will know what I mean. Anyway, they worked with the natural tendency of the steel and made the blades curved.


zane said...

I have a full set of knives and forks, eating utensils, with bone handles, in good condition, and they look plenty old.

It's a set of 6, I think. The set isn't with me at the moment to count how many. The set has an equal # of knives and forks.

I can send photos if requested.

The forks have a narrow tines grouping, and sharp tines. Fascinating, practical, very cool.

I'd like to sell them for a good price, and advice on pricing would be appreciated.

Otherwise, I'll keep them and actually use them sometimes (like for company! select company, of course, as the forks have a serious "get down to business" sharpness to them). That is, unless someone warns me of some issue, like lead in the steel (that may show how little I know about steel composition).

I've surfed a number of sites without seeing forks mentioned, and I haven't seen any sets. Maybe I have something here?

Best not to reply to the automatic one given here; it's my daughter's email. My email: August 15, 2009

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Matt Davidson said...

Interesting cutlery. I've been passionate about knives for years now and stuff like this really piques my interest!
Keep it up.

Jacob Reed said...

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Liam Ethan said...

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